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Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica at Coconut Office

Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Dedicated coworking space • 300 Mbps fiber optic wifi • 11 minutes walk from the beach • Refreshing swimming pool • Located in 1 of 12 World Surfing Reserves • Highly consistent surf • Comfortable and spacious apartments with a communal cowork Space

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Sleep, surf, skate, yoga, work, and repeat
Rosalia and Morten - your local host at Coconut Office

Coliving with us in Playa Hermosa

Coliving with a pool
Costarican Coliving
Community atmosphere
Just a 10-minute drive south of the bustling beach town Jaco, in Playa Hermosa - the world's 12th world surf reserve, you find The Coconut Office. Ever since planning the project, we tried to create the perfect working conditions in the perfect tropical surf spot, and now we're finally done.

With 4 beautifully decorated apartments around a pool and a detached coworking space, this is the ideal place for digital nomads and remote workers visiting Costa Rica. Especially if you're into surfing.

If you want to go for a surf, just grab your surfboard and walk a few minutes to the beach. When you are back from the surf, you can get back to work in the office, or just relax in one of the spacious hammocks.

monket guests
yoga deck
after work beer by the pool

Our remote working community

Being in a Costa Rican world surf reserve there are plenty of smooth waves to be surfed. But if you need to take a rest day from the surf there are also lots of other activities to participate in. Yoga, hiking, skating, mountain biking, and fishing are all popular pastimes here.

Needless to say a healthy lifestyle and enjoying outdoor activities are a big part of daily life, both among the inhabitants of Playa Hermosa as well as visitors of the Coconut Office. However, if you want to get into a more hedonistic lifestyle every once in a while, no worries the lively nightlife of Jaco is a 10-minute drive away.

To create a community-coliving atmosphere here, there is a shared barbecue area where we often have communal dinners and BBQs. A great way for everyone to get to know each other, talk about the pumping waves of the day, and the swell that's coming in next week.

Besides the Coworksurf crew we also often have a completely different type of guest around. Monkeys and scarlet macaws are frequent visitors at the Coconut Office.

digital nomad dream

Our Coworking Space

At the Coconut Office, we provide a shared office for all of our guests. Comfortable office chairs, ergonomic work desks, air conditioning, good coffee, 300 Mbps fiber-optic connectivity, and a laser printer. Here we try to offer all necessary amenities for our guests to have a comfortable working ambiance.

All the apartments also have a table to work from and an ethernet connection, perfect for private calls.

If you instead prefer a very chill work day, there are also the hammocks by the pool.
coworking space with a view
cowork in costa rica
work space

The Surf near Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

When talking surfing in Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa is amongst the most well-known surf locations. Since this is where the yearly final of the Costa Rican surf championship takes place, it is even known as the national stadium of surfing in Costa Rica.

One of the biggest reasons why Playa Hermosa is such a popular surf spot is its consistency. On average, there are probably about 7 days a year when there are no waves.

There are also lots of different surf spots around, and the long sandy coastline provides plenty of different lefts and rights. So even though it's so popular it's also easy to find an uncrowded spot.

If you're looking for big waves, the best time to visit is during the rainy season of May to November. But even then you can head towards the bay of Jacco for some smooth beginner-friendly whitewash.

This is not to say that you shouldn't head here in the dry season. Dry season days here can be amazing. Glassy conditions and a bit smaller waves in general mean less chance for closeouts and some great barrelling waves when the conditions are on.
Waves are great in Playa Hermosa!
playa hermosa
barelling wave

Our Coliving Accommodation

We offer two 1-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom apartments at the Coconut Office. They are all strategically located so that privacy is guaranteed.

For all apartments, we have long-term discounts for longer stays. Just select your dates in the calendar to get your discount😎

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How to get here

Coconut Office, Calle Hermosa, 61101 Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Garabito, Costa Rica

Frequently asked questions

Is it necesaary to have a car when staying at the Coconut Office?

Most of our clients don't have a car. Almost everything is in walking distance.

When is the best time to stay at the Coconut Office

This depends very much on what you are looking for.

I have another question. Where should I go?

Life is now.
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