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Coworking, Coliving and Surfing in Sumatra (Indonesia)

Coworking & Coliving in Sumatra, Indonesia

Live & work together with remote workers who love surfing in Sumatra, Indonesia, and join a community of 3500+ nomads around the world.

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Coliving in Sumatra

We currently don't have any coliving spaces in Sumatra

If you happen to have an amazing property next to the surf where people can stay and get their work done in Sumatra, you can apply now to start hosting remote workers through Coworksurf.

Here are our coliving spaces closest to Sumatra:

Coworking & Coliving next to the surf in Ahangama, Sri Lanka with Deniz T.

(1995 km)

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Hosted by Deniz T.
4.4 from 70 reviews

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Coworking & Coliving in our Jungle Playground by the Surf in Ahangama, Sri Lanka with Jessica

(1995 km)

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Hosted by Jessica
4.6 from 34 reviews

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Coworking & Coliving by the Surf in Canggu, Bali with Xia

(2191 km)

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Hosted by Xia
4.7 from 156 reviews

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Coworking in Sumatra

Looking for coworking spaces in Sumatra? Here is an overview:

Working Remotely in Sumatra

Sumatra is all about amazing nature and perfect waves.

However, unless you stay in the city of Medan (which is not where you want to stay to enjoy amazing nature and surf) according to reports, the internet connection and electricity can be unreliable around Sumatra.

Thus before heading on a remote work travel to Sumatra, make sure to ask your accommodation about the internet connection available.

Harau Valley - West Sumatra
Lake Toba - North Sumatra

Surfing in Sumatra

Being the largest island in Indonesia and the sixth largest in the world, Sumatra contains a lot of surf. The three main regions are:

South Sumatra and the Lampung district - Hard to get to but a huge amount of amazing waves surrounding Krui - the main surf town in the south.

North Sumatra and the Aceh province - Aceh is a bit easier to get to than Lampung and you have loads of surf spots around.

The Archipelago of Mentawais, Simeulue, and Nias - Every surfer's dream, these islands are often reached by surf boat trips.

The south of Sumatra generally works best during the European summer, while the north is the goto spot during the European winter

amazing surf in Sumatra
surfer catching barrel

Getting There

To get to the north region you can fly straight into the Banda Aceh Airport. To get to the south, there is a more than 5-hour drive from the closest airport Bandar Lampung. However according to Paradise Surf Camp, nowadays there is also a flight leaving a few times per week.

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