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Coworking, Coliving and Surfing in Punta del Diablo (Uruguay)

Coworking & Coliving in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Live & work together with remote workers who love surfing in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, and join a community of 3500+ nomads around the world.

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Coliving in Punta del Diablo

We currently don't have any coliving spaces in Punta del Diablo

If you happen to have an amazing property next to the surf where people can stay and get their work done in Punta del Diablo, you can apply now to start hosting remote workers through Coworksurf.

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Coworking in Punta del Diablo

Looking for coworking spaces in Punta del Diablo? Here is an overview:

Working Remotely in Punta del Diablo

45 km from Brazil on the north-eastern coast of Uruguay, you find the small picturesque village of Punta del Diablo. If you're looking for the antithesis to Punta del Este, Punta del Diablo, with its rustic hippy vibe and sandy roads, will not disappoint. It's the perfect spot for a relaxing break or coworking holiday away from the hustle and bustle.

Located just on the edge of Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa, there are lots of stunning beaches and greenery nearby. And when you're not surfing, cycling to the national park, fishing, and whale watching, are some of the things to do here. Or why not just relax on the beach with an ice cream?

While the population goes up to about 20000 in the summer it's more around 1000 the rest of the year. So, depending on which season you plan to work remotely here, the vibe is quite different. And although the town has a lot of really cozy bars and restaurants, some of these may be closed during the offseason.

Punta del Diablo beach
punta del diablo town center

Surfing in Punta del Diablo

With around 15 spots within a 25 km drive, the area around Punta del Diablo is one of Uruguay's major surf hubs. Along the undeveloped coastline, there are plenty of quality rights.

While the main beach of Playa del Riviero is good for beginners, more experienced surfers may want to check out the beaches a bit further north, such as the beach break of Playa del Barco.

The best righthander around is La Moza, which has long rides and tubular walls.

Punta del Diablo Rocha
surfing in Punta del Diablo

Getting There

The most common way to get to Punta del Diablo is by bus. There are busses leaving from Brazil, Punta del Este, and Montevideo.

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