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Coworking, Coliving and Surfing in Paul do Mar, Madeira (Portugal)

Coworking & Coliving in Paul do Mar, Madeira, Portugal

Live & work together with remote workers who love surfing in Paul do Mar, Madeira, Portugal, and join a community of 3500+ nomads around the world.

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Coliving in Paul do Mar, Madeira

We currently don't have any coliving spaces in Paul do Mar, Madeira

If you happen to have an amazing property next to the surf where people can stay and get their work done in Paul do Mar, Madeira, you can apply now to start hosting remote workers through Coworksurf.

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Coworking in Paul do Mar, Madeira

Looking for coworking spaces in Paul do Mar, Madeira? Here is an overview:

Working Remotely in Madeira

In the middle of the Atlantic, 500-600 km from the northwest coast of Africa, you find the island of Madeira, also called the Hawaii of Europe.

Volcanic cliffs overlooking the ocean, hidden waterfalls, black sand beaches, mountain peaks, and lush forests. In Madeira, the nature is so diverse and truly spectacular.

The amazing nature, together with the good weather all year around, great internet connectivity, and tasty wine & food, make it easy to understand why lots of people love working remotely from Madeira.

Madeira skyline
cliff view
Surfing, scuba diving, hiking, free diving, etc. If you're a fan of outdoor sports, there is an array of things to do. And thanks to the digital nomad village, there is also a great digital nomad community vibe with lots of meetups and activities to participate in. Yoga, Bachata classes, skill-sharing workshops, the Nomad Coffee Club, etc, are just a few of the many things happening.

Since the beautiful Ponta do Sol is the location for the official digital nomad village, this is the place to stay to meet fellow nomads and participate in all the digital nomad activities. To see just how many things are happening in Ponta do Sol you can check out the official Google calendar.
Besides the nomad community, Ponta do Sol also offers a free coworking space.

Another popular place to stay in Madeira is Funchal. Since Funchal is Madeira's capital, it has a bit more going on than the other villages and better infrastructure. It is also home to the popular coworking space, Cowork Funchal.

If you're staying in Funchal, it's easy to get around with public transport, but if you're staying in other parts of the island, renting a car or a scooter is a good idea.

When it comes to surfing, the best places to be based are Paul do Mar and Porto Da Cruz.

Madeira Beach
Ponta do Sol Madeira

Surfing in Madeira and Paul do Mar

Known as the Hawaii of Europe, Madeira has some great surfing around the island.
However, in general, Madeira is an island of big waves, so if you're a beginner, most of the surf in Madeira will be challenging.

The best spot for beginners is in Porto da Cruz, which is located on the north coast of the island. There are also several surf schools located around this area.
If you are an advanced surfer, Paul do Mar is not to be missed. Powerful, perfectly peeling, and often barreling. If you're not an advanced surfer, be careful. Paul to Mar is a heavy wave.

Surfing paul do mar
Paul do Mar from Above

Getting There

Madeira is just a two-hour flight away from Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo Airport (formerly known as Madeira Airport), also has connections to and from various cities in mainland Europe and other destinations.

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