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Coworking & Coliving by the Surf in Ordu, Turkey's paradise for Remote Workers at Mellow Hostel - Ordu

Coworking & Coliving by the Surf in Ordu, Turkey's paradise for Remote Workers

Coliving • Coworking • Gardening • Farm to Table ​DIY • Art Projects and Surf ​on the Beautiful Black Sea Coast

4.6 from 11 reviews
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We welcome everyone to the new surf paradise in Turkey, Ordu. Wake up next to the surf, ​do your work during the day with an amazing view, enjoy the farm to table experience and be greeted by the amazing locals here.
Deniz - your local host at Mellow Hostel - Ordu

Coliving with us in Ordu

Ordu is a place of beauty - really unknown today by the rest of the world. Where lush green mountains fall into the depths of the crystal blue black sea, where the people are the kindliest folk in creation, a selflessness of its own kind. A place where myth, culture, blend into thousands of years of history that will make your imagination wonder, and miles of endless uncharted coastline where the potential for quality waves hide.

In the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, Ordu is where they have rest while battling the angry Black Sea on the search for the “Golden Fleece”.

Many will interpret what the golden fleece represented, but some will say that Ordu was the treasure they were looking for: a land of golden grain, and a treasure at sea that reflected the sun.
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Living in Ordu

Wake up early, watch the sunrise from the top of the mountains that you can reach in 20 min from the city center. Paraglide from the top of the mountain to the beautiful coasts or do the hot-air ballooning if you fancy a bit more chilling.

Try sailing or canoeing if the sea is quiet or surf one of the world class hidden waves. Wander around the villages, experience the local traditions and arts. You must be starving after all, don’t worry we got you covered! Ordu has a unique nordic influenced culinary where you can spoil yourself.

A walk will suit you after your lunch so let’s make some trekking around our hazelnut farms where the famous Nutella comes from. Foraging is an ancient tradition in this land which still lives in. Don’t be shy, say hello and help a random farmer you see, you might get some honey or delicious vegetables at the end. We still believe in barter economy here! Is it snowing in the mountains tomorrow? Then let’s hit the road for skiing, just an hour drive from the center.

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Our remote working community

We have to warn you. People of Ordu will surprise you. Stroll around the town, and you may meet a sculpture in a cafe, or a videographer shooting his work, or an amazing installation artist who is spearfishing. You may get invited to a private chef tasting of Ordu culinary while scoring some of your best waves of the year.

When you are purchasing coal or wood from the market, the kid with the change could be a game coder. If these are all normal to you, how about meeting a group of scientist kids designing a rocket in a village famous for animal farming?
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Our Coworking Space

Living in fast cities with traffic, so much noise and distraction makes days shorter and schedules harder to follow. Well, Ordu is quite the opposite. In fact, it has been selected as Turkey's “Cittaslow”, in other words: slow city. It feels like days are longer and work schedules are much easier to keep up. Of course, tea will always assist your work here.

There is a free coworking space provided by the government which also has an incubator center upstairs to boost Turkish startups. We are making an effort to truly connect the remote work talent with local professionals to learn from each other, and facilitate integration into the local community.

If you have the ambition and skills, and are looking for new projects to contribute to, there could be some amazing opportunities waiting for you here.
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The Surf near Ordu, Turkey

There happens to be more than 40 surf spots and many other undiscovered ones in Ordu. You surf it, you name it! Vona (Persembe) village is the center of surf which is 15 min from the Ordu city center. Vona in itself has more than 20 surf breaks that works in different conditions, among others, an epic world class slab wave where we call 'the island'.

From longboard to shortboard, beginners to advanced kamikazes there is something fun for everyone. We are also starting a new surf camp with an ISA surf coach, perfect if you'd like to pick up some lessons, or if you're completely new to surfing and want to try it for the first time.

Between June-October water temperature is over 20°C. Don’t worry: Black Sea waves are much more forgiving than the ocean!
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point break
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The Permaculture Project

Permaculture; the art of producing in balance with nature. With our community, we want to regenerate the nature and the land that our grandparents have worked for years. Learn the ancient ways of living sustainable.

We have a garden in our house where we grow our vegetables and fruits. Also we have an hazelnut farm where we do the harvest of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Depending on how depth you want to explore about gardening&permaculture and how busy your weekly schedule is we can arrange you classes and practices accordingly.

working with permaculture

About Deniz and the team

While successfully running Mellow, a dreamy surf camp & coliving space on the lush south coast of Sri Lanka, Deniz has returned back home to his mother town during the pandemic. Him and the Turkish government are recognising the global influx of remote work, and see a perfect opportunity to turn this undervalued town into one big playground.

Their mission is threefold: show the world the beautiful town of Ordu, connect local startups with international talent in the local coworking space / startup incubator, and help people (re)connect with nature. Find your slow living tribe, learn how to grow your own food, and surf until you drop off your board.

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morag yairov - Profile Picture

morag yairov

Comfortable site. couldnt really understand where im heading to from it.

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Lukas Jakubicka

The place did not really feel like a coworking place or a community place at all, more like a regular hotel. Also not a very international crowd. Also did not meet the host at all, not sure if he even lives in Turkey.

Our Coliving Accommodation

Room types

Double or Twin Room with private bathroom

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All rooms come with balcony and sea view.

Private rooms with shared bathroom

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All rooms come with private room, work desk, sea view and a shared bathroom.

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How to get here

Flights connected through Istanbul to Ordu Giresun Airport (OGU) Airport pick up is available for 60 USD.

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