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Coworking, Coliving and Surfing in Miraflores - Lima (Peru)

Coworking & Coliving in Miraflores - Lima, Peru

Live & work together with remote workers who love surfing in Miraflores - Lima, Peru, and join a community of 3500+ nomads around the world.

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Coliving in Miraflores - Lima

We currently don't have any coliving spaces in Miraflores - Lima

If you happen to have an amazing property next to the surf where people can stay and get their work done in Miraflores - Lima, you can apply now to start hosting remote workers through Coworksurf.

Here are our coliving spaces closest to Miraflores - Lima:

Coworking & Coliving in Lobitos, Peru with Claudia, Augusto & Sebastian

(973 km)

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Hosted by Claudia, Augusto & Sebasti
4.8 from 68 reviews

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Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Montañita, Ecuador with Casa del Sol Crew

(1218 km)

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Hosted by Casa del Sol Crew
4.7 from 132 reviews

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Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Mompiche, Ecuador with Nout, Jolanda, Dex & Cas

(1444 km)

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Hosted by Nout, Jolanda, Dex & Cas
4.8 from 183 reviews

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Coworking in Miraflores - Lima

Looking for coworking spaces in Miraflores - Lima? Here is an overview:

Working Remotely in Miraflores

Miraflores, nestled on the ocean side of Lima, is the safest and most European district in the city. With Solid internet connectivity and excellent infrastructure, the neighborhood is an ideal backdrop for remote work.

As June to October offers a cloudy grey sky, the best time to visit by far is November to May. During these months, the weather here is spectacular.

For food enthusiasts, Miraflores is a haven with numerous world-class restaurants serving a variety of interesting and delicious Peruvian dishes.

Miraflores also stands out as a cultural hub, hosting theaters, plazas, and parks, including the paragliding-friendly Raimondi. Once the sun sets in the ocean, a vibrant nightlife kicks off, with locals who sure know how to party and a lively bar and club scene. The district's European charm is exemplified by iconic spots like the renowned nightclub Bizarro.

For remote workspaces, Partage Coworking is a popular choice, offering a relaxed ambiance and a menu of sweet and savory snacks. Miraflores not only provides a conducive work environment but also serves as a gateway to explore nearby attractions such as the Oasis of Huacachina and Paracas.

With its modern amenities, eight beaches, and the accolade of being an amazing culinary destination, Miraflores, Lima, is a perfect blend of productivity and leisure.

Miraflores by night
The beaches in Miraflores

Surfing in Miraflores

As a host to one of the first three surf clubs in the world, Miraflores and Lima is a true surf city. From the busy beaches of Miraflores to the more uncrowded spots further from the city, Lima offers a wide range of surf spots.

The coastline of Costa Verde just beneath Miraflores consists of a string of beaches with various surf spots. However, since these are easy to access from the city, they can also get crowded.

Just beneath the Miraflores cliff, you have Playa Waikiki. This is a great spot for beginners, with plenty of surf schools and rentals lining the beach.

While it's possible to surf all year around in Lima, December to February brings North swells with warmer water, and June to August brings south swells with bigger waves.

surfíng in Lima
Sunset surf

Getting There

Since Lima is the capital, it's easy to fly into the city. Once in Lima, to avoid getting overcharged, Uber is a good alternative to regular taxis. There is also public transport readily available.

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