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Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Lofoten, Norway at The Arctic Coworking Lodge

Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Lofoten, Norway

The most Northern coliving space in the world •100 mbps wifi in coliving • work from mountaintops using Norways world class 4G • 5 min from the world famous Unstad brake • dedicated cowork space with 10 desks and phone booth

5 from 19 reviews
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We think something special happens when we combine work, surf, community, radical mountains and northern lights.
Rolf and Stian - your local host at The Arctic Coworking Lodge

Coliving with us in Lofoten

Update 2023 - Due to our rental-contract being put on pause because of municipality restrictions, we are now selling our brand and we are not accepting any new bookings. A big thank you to everyone who has stayed with and supported us throughout the years!!🤙
Arctic surfing
We´re gonna make a claim. You wont find an office with a better view. Looking out on the 913 meter high mountain of Himmeltinden, rising straight out of the ocean, its hard to beat. We have a dedicated workspace with comfortable office chairs - and a dedicated phone room. Free coffee and tea all day and night, as well as weekly mastermind sessions.
Located a 5-minutes away from Unstad, this location is premium. Unstad offers everything from big barrels on it´s day, to perfect beach-break waves for beginner/intermediate when it´s smaller. If it gets too big or windy, there are several other spots in the area for you to explore. Rentals and courses are available at a good price through the local surf shop.
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Our remote working community

The remote-working community of Lofoten is already well-established, and has for centuries been a place for inspiration-seekers due to it's amazing natural beauty. Lofoten´s amazing and remote nature attracts like-minded people in a fascinating way. The amazing contrasts of winter vs summer is a truly staggering experience. With warm summers bathed in sun 24-hours a day and cold, snowy winters where the Northern Lights dance across the dark sky. Living in the Arctic is a once in a lifetime experience.x
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Our Coworking Space

The house is designed for communal coworking and coliving with a big kitchen and lounge, a separate office space and a phonebooth. The office space is a quiet area with comfy chairs and lightning fast wifi. Daylight fills the rooms throughout the day and the northern lights in the night time. Wether you are a social or solitary worker you will find a suitable place to slam out some work.
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Our small stand-up phone booth makes a perfect environment for short and effective phone-calls, and to record quality audio. Benefits of working here in the summer: Being able to spend the whole day working on your project not having to worry about the sun going down is an underrated freedom. Benefits of working here in winter: You will hardly find a cosier workspace. Make a cup of coffee and look out on the snowy mountains, and in the evening you can go searching for the Northern Lights.

The Surf near Lofoten, Norway

The coliving space is located just a quick 5-minute drive from Norway´s premium surf spot, Unstad. Mild summers offers midnight sunshine and perfect beginner / intermediate waves. Surfing in Lofoten at 1 in the morning is the way to go to avoid crowds. The rest of the year is raw, cold and heavy. If you are hoping to score perfect uncrowded waves - fall and winter is the best. Local hosts Rolf and Stian will help you make sense of Lofoten's complicated coastline to score the wave of your life.
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Odin Skogen - Profile Picture

Odin Skogen

Great people. Great community. Great landscape. Close to legendary Unstad Surf beach. I’m glad I choose to stay here. Recommended.

Alicia - Profile Picture


Been there for a month and what can I say, great people, community, nature, surf. This place has everything! Highly recommend! Plus the hosts are super nice and always check if you need anything, felt like home and can't wait to be back!

Indojunkie - Profile Picture


Beautiful place in Lofoten. We spend in total two month at Arctic Coworking Lodge and experienced the end of summer, the whole autumn and the beginning of winter. The community is amazing, the lodge itself super cozy and the area incredible. You can hike everyday somewhere else just a few kilometers around the lodge. Also the surf is just a few minutes away. We will for sure come back! Highly recommended!

How to get here

First off, you need to get to Norway, we would advise you to go to Oslo. From here there are daily trains and flights to our surrounding towns. Even though train tickets can be cheaper than flights, they take up to 24 hours. Compared to the 2 hour flights, it's worth the extra dime. ​ The closest airport in Lofoten is Leknes, it´s situated 15 minutes from the house and there are both direct and indirect flights from Oslo to Leknes. Other arrivals are Bodø, Svolvær and Evenes. Leknes is the closest airport, but Evenes is generally the cheapest alternative, although it requires a 3 hour bus ride to get to the house.

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