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Exploring the Top 5 Best Places to Work Remotely by the Beach - Cover

Exploring the Top 5 Best Places to Work Remotely by the Beach

Working from anywhere is the new norm, and more folks are looking out for spots where work meets fun. If that’s you, you’ll find this quick guide very helpful. Here’s the lowdown on the best places to work remotely. Think sandy shores, cool vibes, and a productive workspace.

Ready to mix business with pleasure? Let’s jump right in and discover places where work feels like a breeze and beach days are part of the job.

1. Mexico

Sayulita, Mexico
Mexico’s sunny beaches create an ideal setting for remote work. This inviting haven’s laid-back atmosphere, warm climate, and vibrant culture strike the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation.

Must-Visit Digital Nomad Spots

  • Puerto Escondido: A remote work paradise, Puerto Escondido offers stunning beaches and reliable internet, making it a go-to destination for many digital nomads. Plus, the cost of living here is comparatively lower, offering a chance to immerse in local culture and cuisine.
  • Sayulita: Located on Mexico’s west coast, Sayulita is a fast-growing digital nomad hotspot known for great food, easy airport access, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Best Coworking/Coliving Spaces

  • Casa Flow: This coliving and surf house in Puerto Escondido provides a serene atmosphere for remote work and relaxation. It boasts an ocean view, a terrace with stunning sunsets, and a reliable internet signal.
  • Nuiya Hoteles Centro: Just a 5-minute walk from Sayulita’s main beach, this property is ideal for remote workers and digital nomads. Offering a dedicated coworking space, reliable internet, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and more.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city
Lisbon is a mix of old charm and modern vibes along the beautiful coastline of Portugal. Though the city isn’t right on the beach, you can easily hop to nearby sandy shores with a short ride.

Must-Visit Digital Nomad Spots in Portugal

  • São Miguel: A surfer’s paradise with pristine beach breaks, reef breaks, and long points suitable for seasoned surfers. It also has protected spots with smaller waves for those just starting out.
  • Alentejo: Just outside Lisbon, Alentejo is perfect for remote work with its easygoing atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and friendly locals. Beyond work, this region boasts natural beauty, delicious food, and renowned wines ― an ideal combo for remote work and leisure.
  • Costa da Caparica: Just a stone’s throw from Lisbon, Costa da Caparica boasts beautiful sandy beaches and a pleasant climate, creating a seamless blend of city life and laid-back beach vibes for remote workers.

Best Coworking/Coliving Spaces

  • Gota Dagua Surf Camp: This camp in Costa da Caparica is a short hop from some of Lisbon’s top surf beaches, providing an ideal mix of work and beach vibes.
  • LAVA Açores: On São Miguel island, a short distance from the renowned Santa Barbara beach, this property with a garden and terrace is a top pick for digital nomads and travelers exploring the beautiful Azores, offering a beautiful open coworking space.
  • Manas Coliving: This modern coliving space in Alentejo provides a beach haven with a coworking space, inviting guests to enjoy year-round surfing, incredible food, and breathtaking landscapes.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Working from Beach
Bali is undoubtedly one of the best places to work remotely, thanks to its stunning natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and vibrant atmosphere.

Must-Visit Digital Nomad Spots

  • Canggu: This coastal village’s bussing vibe and superb surf spots make it an ideal haven for remote workers, offering the perfect mix of beach relaxation, partying, and productivity.
  • Ubud: Known as Bali’s cultural center, Ubud is a special place for digital nomads. Here, you can find yoga, wellness activities, and traditional Balinese performances, creating a balanced and culturally rich experience.

Best Coworking/Coliving Spaces

  • Draper Startup House: Just 4 km from Canggu City Center, this property provides a peaceful setting with easy access to Canggu and its surroundings. Enjoy air-conditioned rooms, a pool, and free WiFi. Ideal for a laid-back stay close to Canggu’s attractions and beautiful beaches.
  • Outpost Ubud: A popular coworking and coliving spot in Ubud, Outpost Ubud offers a comfy and productive space for digital nomads and remote workers. With high-speed internet, communal workspaces, and a lively community, it’s perfect for networking and collaboration.

4. Spain

Barcelona, Spain
In Spain, you’ve got it all ― affordable spots, stunning beaches, and a vibrant community. Perfect for remote work, Spain is where productivity meets beachside serenity.

Must-Visit Digital Nomad Spots

  • Galicia: In Galicia, Spain’s second-largest autonomous community, you’ll discover diverse landscapes — mountains, beaches, and lush forests. This is the place to be if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Spain’s rich culture while enjoying a supportive environment for remote work.
  • Conil de la Frontera: Nestled in Andalusia, Spain, Conil de la Frontera is a lively beach town famous for its stunning beaches, traditional fishing charm, and vibrant nightlife during the summer time.

Best Coworking/Coliving Spaces

  • iSlow Coliving: Located in Galicia, this beautifully restored old farmhouse has a dedicated coworking space with 600 Mbps, and its close to the surf. Rooms are air-conditioned with private bathrooms and kitchens. Some have balconies or patios with sea or mountain views. There’s a picnic area, indoor play zone, and sun terrace for relaxation.
  • Take Hostel: Just 100 meters from Conil de la Frontera’s beach, this coliving gem in the town center boasts a snug vibe. With a well-equipped kitchen, comfy common areas, private showers, a bar, and a shared lounge, it’s the go-to for those craving a convenient and budget-friendly stay in Conil de la Frontera.

5. Morocco

Taghazout - Morroco
With vibrant coworking spaces, a friendly digital nomad community, and easy international connections, Morocco is a haven for remote workers. The country is ideal for an adventurous work-and-play lifestyle, offering exotic culture, tasty food, and diverse landscapes.

Must-Visit Digital Nomad Spots

  • Taghazout: A delightful fishing village with beautiful sandy beaches, cozy cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces. It’s a great spot for digital nomads and remote workers looking for an attractive destination.
  • Essaouira: Beyond its unique cultural experiences and attractions, Essaouira offers perks for digital nomads and remote workers, including reliable internet and a vibrant community.

Best Coworking/Coliving Spaces

  • BigBlue Guesthouse: Set in Taghazout, this surf and coworking haven is tucked in a quiet alley off the main road. The fully-equipped coworking space boasts a stunning view of Taghazout Bay. Conveniently located above private rooms, it offers a comfy spot for remote work, relaxation, and surfing.
  • Work and Beach: If you find yourself in Essaouira, you’ve got to check out this establishment. It’s a place to work, relax, connect with other nomads, and enjoy the beach vibes. It’s an ideal coworking and coliving space for digital nomads seeking an adventurous lifestyle.

Tips for Hassle-Free Remote Work Travel

Now that we’ve covered the best places for working remotely, let’s explore a few tips for a productive nomadic experience.

  1. Research Internet Availability: Choose a destination with reliable internet access, which is crucial for remote work.
  2. Coworking Space: Explore local coworking spaces for a dedicated work environment with the necessary facilities.
  3. Accommodation with Workspace or Office Space: While affordability is important, it is usually best to go for accommodations that offer a comfortable and functional workspace for your remote job.
  4. Local SIM Card: Get a local SIM card for your phone for affordable and reliable data access.
  5. Health and Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive health and travel insurance for peace of mind. Check out SafetyWings offerings specifically designed for digital nomads and remote teams.
  6. Explore Off-Peak Travel Times: Consider traveling during off-peak seasons to avoid crowds and high prices.
  7. Cultural Integration: Immerse yourself in the local culture, try local cuisine, and connect with the community.

Keep in mind that a remote work trip is not the same as a vacation and requires motivation and self-discipline to stay on track with your goals. Remember, the key is to balance work and leisure while making the most of your remote working experience.


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