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Aesthetic Surf House Interior Design Ideas (with pictures) - Cover

Aesthetic Surf House Interior Design Ideas (with pictures)

Looking for interior design ideas for your surf house, hostel, coworking space or coliving space?
Sweet! Let's get this baby going - top to bottom.

Moodboard vibe:
Modern ○ Calm ○ Creative ○ Aesthetic ○ Welcoming ○ Safe ○ Jungle ○ Warm ○ Beachy ○ Cosy ○ Kind ○ Homey ○ Arty ○ Sexy

Base colours
We want our house to be calm, cosy and homey. As we'll add colour with our details later, we want our base palette to be simple and clean.
Most walls: White

Coliving space interior design
Surf house design
Interior design on a budget
Looking clean! Now, let's ground ourselves by choosing wood for our floors!

Hostel wooden floor
Wooden floor interior design
Cosy wooden floor
If you don't like wooden floors, a lighter grey floor also looks smooth. You can add wood by hanging it!
Or, if you can't lay a wooden floor, because you e.g. need to work with tiles, you can use rugs to ground the space. Rugs are also amazing to improve your space's acoustics - good to work on with a tile floor too. We'll touch on that later as well.

Round brown rug
Light grey floor
Hanging wooden log
Now, the details. Doorposts, window frames, etc. We can choose to go calm with these and use a light colour, but let's make them black to add some character and get that modern look.

Black frames
Black door frames
Black shower head
Green - Plants everywhere!
Let's fill this house up with life! We are nature, and being amongst plants is calming. Let's create a modern jungle inside this house.

Dining room plants
Office plants
Living room plants
Aestetic Bedroom plants
Plant corner
Living room plant party
Alright, we've gotten pretty far! Now we have our base colors right, and added some life with plants, we can start sprinkling in fun, art and colour.
From here, you can basically start adding in as much color as you like! If you're going to paint a wall, it could be calmer to pick one, max two, colours. We love sticking to pastel colours for walls.

Colourful living room
Colorful wall
Colorful posters
Colourful wall
brown orange wall
digital nomad shower
Ah, so you love the poster walls? Us too! Different sizes, different colors.

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Here some more prints we found. Link to our Pinterest board at the end of this article.

Home art
Aestetic home art
modern art
modern art poster
poster quote
universe art
Lighting is often overlooked, but very key in setting the vibe.
Choose fairy lights and candles!

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Room acoustics
Do your rooms sound echo-y? Oops! You can fix that by adding soft materials that block the sound waves from bouncing off the walls and floor. Carpets help - especially vale, old, Persian rugs. They make it look a little bit music studio-y, you know?
A clothing rack, wall trinket, a couch, bed, chair, wall rugs, plants - all of those help to get cosy acoustics in your rooms.

Room acoustics
persian rug living room
wall trinket
Now pop your surf boards by the entrance, get some guitars, a piano, a dog, some books, and you're done!

Surf board interior design
guitars and surf boards
surf dog
For more inspiration, check our Pinterest board:

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