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Onda Co-Living at Onda Co-Living

Onda Co-Living

Dedicated Co-Working Space • 1 Gbps WiFi • Reliable Surf Year-Round for All Levels • 2 min walk from the beach (right across the street) • Pool • Soft-top surfboards free for guests • Surf lessons available • Walking distance from beach, restaurants, bars, shops, and nightclubs • Fully-equipped kitchen • BBQ • Pool • Yoga • Gym • Complimentary Continental Breakfast Included • AC in All Rooms • Queen-size Bed and Workstation in Every Room • Hosted Family Dinner Every Week • Regular Hosted Social & Community Events

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Host Profile Picture
Prior to starting Onda Coliving, Vasco spent the past ten years living in colive/cowork spaces all over the world. He was born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area (California) and has spent many years traveling the world and learning different languages, but a passion for Portuguese cuisine and culture led him to make a permanent move to Portugal. He fell in love with the charming region of Peniche for its wonderful community and amazing surfing. He is a natural tour guide and loves to entertain and put on events for guests. He is here to help make your stay in Portugal an unforgettable experience.
Vasco Morais - your local host at Onda Co-Living

Coliving with us in Alentejo

As a formal digital nomad, I stayed primarily at colive/cowork spaces in various places around the world for most of the last decade. During this time, I learned a lot about what things help to construct cohesive communities within co-living spaces. Like many digital nomads, I loved the idea of being able to travel the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures but struggled with finding an appropriate equilibrium between work/life balance (somehow my work always seemed to take priority).

The goal with Onda was to create an environment that seamlessly integrates time for socializing, surfing, and creativity with productivity. With our extremely close proximity to surf, lunchtime surf sessions are an actual possibility as you can walk right across the street with one of our surfboards rather than having to pack your board in a car to drive to the nearest spot.

Once a week we host a family dinner based on everyone's dietary preferences and work schedule so we can all sit together at the end of a long work day and socialize and relax together. During the week, we do many communal events such as karaoke, movie or game night, going out to bars or clubs, or doing other stuff in town. Group surf sessions or lessons are also regular activities that everyone at Onda looks forward to together. It's common to find people start every weekend scheduling what sightseeing activities or events or surf sessions they want to do with their fellow housemates over the following week.

Peniche is a traditional farming and fishing village that, due to its unique geographical shape, was blessed with some of the best waves in europe. For this reason, the area is an interesting juxtaposition between modern surf culture and beach life and the conventional Portuguese life and cultural traditions that have deeply embedded into the history of this region. At Onda we like to embrace this mix of modern and traditional life. We have many guests that come here for the surf but love to try the traditional Portuguese foods prepared once-a-week by our host and also to partake in our group trips to Óbidos (nearby medieval castle), Peniche Fortress, and Berlengas.

Onda Co-Living is uniquely located beachside to the best surf spots in europe. Literally walk across the road and be in the water ripping waves in mere minutes. We feature a luxury location where guests can enjoy the finest amenities such as an ocean view and AC system in every room. No need for surfline or other surf forecast apps, when you can literally check surf conditions from our massive private terrace. If you want to take a break from surfing but still crave some physical exercise, take a dip in our pool or use our various exercise equipment or do yoga outside on our terrace. For those who want to fully enjoy a late night out on the weekend, we are also walking distance from all the best bars and nightclubs in town. There is no need for a car at our location as you can walk to everything you need directly from our house.

Our remote working community

Our co-living space is designed for individuals who seek the perfect balance between work, socializing, and fitness. Your housemates will all be remote workers that have busy work weeks but still try to prioritize the early morning or afternoon surf session and then want to end the evenings socializing with you and the other house guests over dinner and a glass of wine. During the weekends, we like to throw larger events such as BBQs, social gatherings, or parties, but it is still common for people to call it an early night if they are trying to get up early the next morning for surfing.

We typically conduct interviews with all applicants to Onda Co-Living. The ideal guests are remote workers that are looking for a social experience and are not trying to just spend time on their own. The average stay of our guests is between 1-2 months, however we do occasionally allow shorter stays if their is an opening in our calendar between bookings.

Our host (Vasco) is great at facilitating social events to meet and make new friends during your stay, not only with the other houseguests, but with the larger surrounding community as a whole. We take an extremely active role in creating the perfect experience during your stay. Have any questions or need any recommendations? We are here for you!

As a house we frequently do group surf sessions or lessons, throw karaoke or game nights, or other social gatherings. Feel like throwing a party or want to do a road trip somewhere? We will be there to help organize everything. We have full recommendations for everything to see and where to go if you want to do a day exurscion to Sintra, Berlengas, Óbidos, Nazaré, Lisboa, or any other destination.

We have a house WhatsApp we will add you to once you arrive so that we can coordinate group surf sessions, weekly house cleanings, group trips/events, and family dinners.

Our Coworking Space

The entirety of Onda Co-Living boasts stable 1Gbps WiFi speed, perfect for all your work meetings, gaming sessions, or Netflix streams. We provide an arrangement of complimentary teas and espresso to keep you focused and energized throughout your workday.
The main area of our co-live operates as a coworking space during the hours of 9am to 6:30pm. Outside of the hours, every room is also equipped with a full workstation and with the same high-speed internet. In addition to the main coworking space indoors, our outside terrace features a secondary coworking space which many of our guests like to use during warm sunny days.

We ask that everyone remain respectful of each other’s working hours, however we generally follow local Portuguese time zones so by 6:30pm the main room is available for house guests to play games, watch movies, or just socialize. (The rooms are all quite soundproofed so noise is never a problem). For guests that have lots of work calls, we ask that you conduct the meetings/calls at the workstation in your rooms so as not to disturb the other people using the coworking space or living room. (Calls/meetings on the terrace are fine though 🙂)

Our quiet hours start around 10pm (in accordance with Portuguese law) but our house is very soundproofed so we can still have late night events if the whole house wishes. And if you ever feel like working elsewhere for a change of scenery, there are numerous cafes all within walking distance that provide excellent places to work while you grab a coffee and bite to eat.

The Surf near Alentejo, Portugal

About the Surf
The unique topography of the Peniche peninsula makes it one of the best surf destinations in Europe. With surf breaks facing every cardinal direction around the peninsual, there is almost always something working on any given day. In addition, it features a wide variety of left-handed and right-handed breaks spread across beach, reef, and point breaks.

Although Peniche is most famous as an intermediate and advanced surf spot (with the famous barrels of Supertubos just down the road), it also is great place for novice surfers who are just learning the basics. In fact, Onda is conviently located beachside to several of the best beginner surf spots in the country. In general, there are about 5 different surf breaks all within 5-10min walking distance from Onda. For those who want to venture out to the other breaks, many other surf breaks are all within 5-10min drive of our location.

Our Equipment
We provide free use of soft-top boards for all guests at our co-living space. (Refundable 20€ deposit required). We also have a number of hard-top boards and wetsuits avaible if you desire to rent those as well. (Please inquire for prices)

Our Facilities
We have full storage area where we keep all surf & beach related equipment.
Bringing your own board? No problem, you can store it in our board along with your other surf gear in our lockup free of charge.

We have a full wet-suit wash and drying station on our terrace complete with both a outdoor dry rack when you want a quick dry and an enclosed/covered dry rack for when it's rainy and windy.

Surf Lessons/Academy
Regardless of your skill-level, the surf in Baleal/Peniche has something to offer everyone.
And for anyone looking to improve, we are partnered with Surf it Easy (, one of the best surf schools in town, for monthly lesson plan (or for individual lessons if you are doing shorter stays).

The school offers group or private lessons for all levels whether you are just learning to stand-up on a board or working on advanced maneuvers to catch your next barrel. For month-long stays, all advanced lessons (and some intermediate) are filmed for video analysis.

Not Interested in Surfing?
Not a problem. Peniche is primarily a surf destination but it has so much more to offer. Onda is located across the street from all of the best nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the area. The local community here is very active and there is always events or live music to be seen. There are many yoga studios and other sport venues located around town or just enjoy relaxing on the beach and catching a tan.

During the summer months, diving, snorkeling and spearfishing are really nice in Peniche and right outside are numerous historic and cultural sightseeing locations that are highly-recommended (e.g. Obidos - beautiful town built inside the walls of a medieval castle that is famous for chocolate and cherry liquor). We are also just a short drive from Nazare, home of the largest waves in the world. Schedule a day trip there to try and catch surfers break world record for highest wave surfed.

And of course, here at Onda we frequently through social and communal events. We have many guests that stay here solely for the co-living experience .

Regardless of what you are into, there is something here from everyone.
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf

Our Coliving Accommodation

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How to get here

From Lisbon Airport you can either take uber/bolt or taxi to our place which is 1hr away and costs between 60-80€ depending on the time of year. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Sete Rios station (Lisbon) to Peniche station. The bus costs about 9€ and leaves every 1.5hrs during normal working hours (~8h30-21h30). For bus schedule and tickets please check:

Frequently asked questions

Will I have privacy?

Yes, each room is a private one with full-blackout curtains and a lock if extra privacy is needed.

Are pets allowed?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow pets.

What is the target age group at Onda Co-Living?

Onda Co-Living consists of working professionals that range from 25 to 45. (The average age is usually in the early 30s)

Can I add/remove furniture in my room?

There are extra chairs available in storage if needed. If you dislike a certain chair or piece of furniture in your room, let us know and we can put it in storage. But please make a formal request to us before making any changes yourself.

Is there a designated space for work?

Yes, the main area of the co-living space functions as a co-working space during normal working hours, 9am - 6:30pm. For private calls, every single room is equipped with high-speed Wi-FI (1000mbps) and a private workstation.

What types of people will I be sharing the home with?

Our co-living space is designed for individuals who seek the perfect balance between work, socializing, and fitness. Your housemates will all be remote workers that have busy work weeks but still try to prioritize surf and socializing.

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