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Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Listing Image

Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Swakopmund, Namibia

Uncrowded waves & high-quality surf breaks • Communal sign-up dinners and BBQs • 25 Mbps fiber optic wifi • Walking distance to coworking space • Fully equipped kitchen • Table tennis, mini gym & slackline • Board games & book exchange • Surf lessons and guiding available • Walking distance to surf for all levels

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Surfing | Sustainable Living | Extraordinary Food is what we're about. It's what we love and live for. Life at Salty Jackal follows the wind, waves and tides and we love to share our local knowledge and love for Namibia with our guests.
Oliver & Iris - your local host at Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp

Coliving with us in Swakopmund

coliving in Swakopmund
Swakopmund waves

In between the sand dunes of the Namib desert and the waves of the Atlantic ocean, you find the relaxed town Swakopmund, the home to Salty Jackal. If you're into uncrowded waves, sustainable living and amazing food, this is your place to get some remote work done.

Here you'll find a home away from home, a place to meet like-minded travelers, surfers, and remote workers. When you close your laptop for the day you will join the pace of the ocean and the desert, following the wind the waves, and the tide.

Join us in our cozy 5 bedroom house in the town center, a short walk from the beach and the surf.

coliving community
surf safari
4 wheel drive surf trip
yoga in the dessert
skeleton bay sign

Our remote working community

Travelers, remote workers, beginner surfers who are just starting to feel the stoke, to advanced surfers eagerly awaiting the perfect swell to charge the barrels of Skeleton Bay. At Salty Jackal we usually have a great crew of people around, calling Salty Jackal their home away from home.

Besides the classic cowork surf after-work group surf sessions, there is a bunch of stuff to do when you're not busy with work. Why not break up the workday with some table tennis, slackline climbing, or maybe a workout in the mini gym. When you're done, there are a few hammocks waiting for you.

If you're into even more adrenaline than you get from surfing, why not try skydiving over the world's oldest desert, or sand-boarding & quad-biking?

Once it's dinner time, since we are big foodies, delicious dinner nights and BBQs around the fire will be there for you to join.

beach buggy in the dunes
community vibes in the dessert
coworksurf community
remote workers in the dessert


If you're interested in yoga, we highly recommend our Vinyasa power yoga in the desert. 5 minutes walk into the Swakop river bed, and you will feel the energy of the desert. Here Lena, our qualified yoga instructor from Germany will treat you to a far from the ordinary yoga lesson.

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf

Extraordinary food

Cooking good food & "cooking good surf" is our motto. Sign-up dinners are meant for you to enjoy our homegrown and homemade food, directly from the veggie and herbs garden.

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf

Our Coworking Space

At Salty Jackal we're providing desks in the private rooms for our remote workers. If you instead want to get your work done in a communal setting, you are of course welcome to set up your laptop for the day in any of the communal spaces in the house. But if you're looking for a professional work vibe type of setting, we highly recommend Basecamp coworking space.

Located just 5 min on foot from SJ, Basecamp offers all the office amenities you need. Short-term to long-term packages with hot desk, or your own office space depending on your liking. Most importantly of all, comfy office chairs.

On top of the above, Basecamp is so much more than just a cowork space. It's the perfect place to learn more about the start-up scene in Namibia and to get to know the entrepreneurs around Swakopmund. Join the community by participating in one of their many events. How about open mike pitch night on Sunday?

coffee station
Swakopmund cowork
coffee break

The Surf near Swakopmund, Namibia

Jackals around the car, catching barrels in front of the mesmerizing vast desert, surrounded by seals and dolphins in the water. Namibia is not your typical surf destination. And unlike some other Coworksurf destinations, Swakopmund is actually not a tropical surf paradise, but it does offer highly consistent all-year-round, high-quality uncrowded waves.

If you're a beginner surfer, we offer lessons with Isa-qualified surf instructors. The beautiful empty beaches around Swakopmund are perfect for learning how to surf. If needed we also have a wide variety of boards available for rent.

If you on the other hand are intermediate or even advanced, there are loads of pumping waves around. And besides this, we also offer strike missions to Skeleton Bay and the longest barreling wave ever known.

Sceleton bay
surfing in Swakopmund
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Surfing with seals and camping with jackals. Joining our surfari, we'll take you on an adventurous trip to the Skeleton Coast to explore the untamed nature and more uncrowded waves. While in Swakopmund you'll work, surf or become a yogi, on weekends you'll be able to join more safaris to beautiful nature and national parks, we organize it all for you.

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf
Coliving and Coworking by the Surf

Meet Olli - our surf instructor

Surf lessons, surf guiding or strike missions to Skeleton Bay, he'll take you anywhere surfing on the Skeleton Coast. ISA qualified,12 years of experience surfing waves around the world, he knows the best spots of Namibia and will take there!

Coliving and Coworking by the Surf

Our Coliving Accommodation

The surf house sleeps 14 guests: 6 in the dorm, the rest in four private rooms. Each room has a unique look & style, you just need to choose yours.

living room
outside area
the porch

Room types

Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Dorm Surf'n Dream

Dorm Surf'n Dream

 x 6





A mixed dorm with spacious bunk beds. They all have a USB socket and a reading light. Safety lockers are provided. Shared bathroom.
Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Space Room

Space Room

 x 2





Double room with a beautiful desert view. King bed/2 single beds and a private en-suite bathroom.
Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Sun Room

Sun Room

 x 2





Double room with a beautiful desert view. Double bed and a shared bathroom.
Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Secret Cave

Secret Cave

 x 2





Twin room with 2 single beds. Shared bathroom.
Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp - Driftwood Cabin

Driftwood Cabin

 x 2





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