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Coworking, Coliving and Surfing in Mar del Plata (Argentina)

Coworking & Coliving in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Live & work together with remote workers who love surfing in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and join a community of 3500+ nomads around the world.

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Coliving in Mar del Plata

We currently don't have any coliving spaces in Mar del Plata

If you happen to have an amazing property next to the surf where people can stay and get their work done in Mar del Plata, you can apply now to start hosting remote workers through Coworksurf.

Here are our coliving spaces closest to Mar del Plata:

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Coworking in Mar del Plata

Looking for coworking spaces in Mar del Plata? Here is an overview:

Working Remotely in Mar del Plata

Just 500 km south of the digital nomad hotspot Buenos Aires you find Mar del Plata, Argentina's top holiday and surf destination.

mar del plata
city from the ocean
Beyond the beach, the city has a rich cultural scene with plenty of museums, galleries, and theatres. It also boasts various festivals, such as the International Film Festival, and the Fiesta International del Mar which takes place every year in February. If you instead want to indulge in a bit more hedonistic cultural experience, the nightlife in the town is very lively, especially during the summer months when all the Porteños (Buenos Aires residents) flock the streets.

Needless to say, staying in Mar del Plata, you’ll have lots of stuff to do in between surf and coworking sessions.

When it comes to stilling your after-surf hunger, Argentina is a foodies paradise and the food in Mar del Plata is often highly inspired by its coastal location with lots of fresh seafood on offer.

ocean view

Surfing in Mar del Plata

With 8 km of beaches separated by dozens of jetties, Mar del Plata delivers plenty of fun beach breaks and perfectly peeling point breaks.

Since the summertime offers smaller and more inconsistent wind swells, together with the summer crowd, the best time to visit if you’re looking for bigger more uncrowded waves is during the winter months between April and October. But don't fret if you arrive in the summertime, with a bit of dedication you can still dodge the major crowds by heading toward the outskirts of the town.

To mention a few of the most popular spots, you have the wide beach La Pepita where perfect barrels line up during the right conditions, and Playa Grande, well known for its consistency and regularly organized surf contests.

surfing in mar del plata
mar del plata from above
waves in mar del plata
view from ocean

Getting There

Located 400 km from Buenos Aires you can either catch a bus or a train from the capital. There is also an airport and flights from the capital take under an hour.

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