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Coworking & Coliving by the surf in Ericeira, Portugal

• surf courses for all level surfers • close to shops and restaurants • minutes walk from the beach • close to Lisbon • 200 mbps wifi • yoga lessons available

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Joao - your local host at Rapture - Ericeira

Coliving with us in Ericeira

We are currently not accepting any bookings. We look forward to start accepting bookings in the future again. So check the other spots in Ericeira and see you soon :)

Rapture Coliving
Ericeira coliving view

Whether you just want to spend as much time in the water as you can, or to get connected with other remote workers and make meaningful business connections; we got you!

​There are plenty of remote workers and digital nomads staying with us in Ericeira who hit the laptop between surf sessions. Dedicated but free-spirited, sociable but also independent, they strive for a balanced life. But with quality waves only footsteps from our camp, they tend to end up surfing more and working less. ;)

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​Our big, 2-story Portuguese villa hosts up to 50 people and is next to the ocean. Surf conditions at Foz fo Landro beach are visible from the windows in our lounge. At a 15-minute walk from Ericeira's Old Town, this spot makes for a perfect environment to get your work done, discover a new place, friends and lifestyle, all while getting as much wave time as you can.

Our remote working community

Expect to find the remote worker and digital nomad sitting somewhere nice and early in the morning, headphones in and a strong coffee on the table in front of them. The look of seriousness on their face could be interpreted as a sign of their heavy workload. There’s a good chance though they’re actually just looking at cat memes or checking what the swell forecast says.

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with each other; over breakfast, dinner, while working and overlooking the beautiful Portuguese valley, or of course in the water. We are happy to help organise any workshops, movie nights or weekend adventures for you and the crew.

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Our Coworking Space

Whether you want to work from your room in private, in the common spaces, on the yoga deck with an amazing view, or from the rooftop: we got you. Please note that we do not have a dedicated coworking space just yet, but our property offers all other type of spots to be productive from. Our wifi reaches all the corners of the property, so you can get your work done from wherever you want. During the day, when people are out surfing, you'll often find those magical silent hours for those focused hours of work.

​We have amazing coffee that free flows all day, and our chef makes sure you will always have the best and tastiest nutrients in your system to make sure your mind is clear, and your body fit. If you're not surfing, there are plenty of things to do in your work breaks, such as mountain biking, foosball, table tennis, canoeing, hiking, beach workouts, or going for a skate.

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The Surf near Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira is the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe, and features the best surf spots on the Old Continent. A large variety of consistent surf breaks and beaches for all skill levels can be found along 10km of coastline around Ericeira.

This truly is a surf Mecca. The incredible breaks and pristine conditions of the local beaches make that the majority of Portuguese pro surfers come from Ericeira and its high quality waves. One of the longest breaks of Portugal, Ribeira d’llhas, hosts two WSL competitions annually.

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We offer surf lessons for beginners, intermediates as well as sessions for more advanced surfers, and our certified, knowledgeable instructors at our surf school make sure that you achieve your goals. We also have surfboards and wetsuits for rent if you want to get out on your own.

The schedule of our surf lessons always depends on the conditions in the water, that’s why our surf school always chooses the lesson times according to the best tides, winds and conditions each day of the year. Before and after the lessons you can practice what you’ve learnt by yourself at our home beach if the conditions are considered safe for free surfing.

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